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We, Edward Johnson is the world’s only “Fisherman Metal” band. “Fisherman Metal” is the genre of heavy metal which describes the heroic way of life of sea fishermen. Each of our songs and lyrics describes fisherman’s hard and brave fishing story. 

The band was formed in 2013. Since then we've been doing  shows (we call it “Fishing” ) constantly. And we released 1st record “Fisherman’s Anthem” in 2015, 2nd record ”Fisherman’s Pride” in 2017.

In 2019, new vocal Avril Johnson joined, and 3rd record “Fisherman’s Everyday” was released.

​Fisherman's Anthem (2015)

​Fisherman's Pride (2017)

​Fisherman's Everyday (2019)

Meet Johnson Family!

​Chief Engineer - Guitar

William Johnson

​Chief Navigator - Bass

David Johnson

Boatswain - Vocal

Avril Johnson

Chief Carpenter - Guitar

Stuart Johnson

Captain - Drum

Edward Johnson

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